​How will using these workbooks assist me?
The extensive written and practical activities will save hours of preparation time. The workbooks eliminate the need for photocopying and will assist the teacher with practical ideas for evaluation and assessment.
Best of all – children love using these workbooks!

​Will you help me in choosing appropriate content for my music program?
​Absolutely! We are happy to meet with you at your school and discuss how we can build your workbook to best suit your music program. 

Can I see a sample copy?
Yes, just contact us and we will send you a free sample book of the same quality finish that you will get with your own workbooks

Is there a setup fee? What about payment?
No, there is no setup fee. Our “per book” price includes consultation, typesetting, printing and courier delivery anywhere in the world. (Minimum order 50 copies). No payment is required until you receive the finished workbooks.

​How long does it take to set up?
Normally we require at least 4 weeks from initial consultation to delivering the books. However, in special circumstances, books can be prepared and delivered within 14 days. ​

​Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes, there is a minimum order quantity of 50 books.

How do I find out more?
Contact us by email, phone or fax and we will happily give you more details. See our contact page for details.

Are you teaching a music class?

Create your unique classroom workbook and enhance your music department’s image and reputation.

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Save time and money! 

Compile your very own, school-branded workbook! 

We have over 500 pages to choose from.
Your workbook can include your own units, ​our units and any information specific to your school/college.​

​Make your music budget go further and let us compile everything you need for your music program – in one student book!​