Contemporary Guitar - Grade 3


Another great selection of pieces in various styles, at the next level. From Grade 3 space for improvised solos…

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Building on the previously learned concepts, Grade 3 features 8 more engaging pieces with one major difference from the previous books – Space for the student to improvise and play a guitar solo. Now students can perform great guitar skills and express themselves, using the knowledge gained from previous experience. This book also features another 4 exercises in the 2nd and 3rd position. Also included are all the technical requirements for this level as well as a CD with performance and backing tracks.

Item 1: Music notation & TAB

  • Survival (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Heading West (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Together Alone (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Here And There (with space for a guitar solo)

Item 2: Music notation & TAB

  • Groove Strike (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Y-Bot Army (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Compin’ (with space for a guitar solo)
  • Through Dreams (with space for a guitar solo)

Item 3: Music notation only, third position

  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4

Technical requirements included: Music notation & TAB

Scales: Major pattern 3, major pentatonic pattern 3 & 4, Minor pentatonic pattern 3 & 4, Natural Minor pattern 3

Moveable Chords: Minor 7th, Diminished 7th, Root 5 & 6

Arpeggios: Major & Minor, two octave, root 6. Diminished & Augmented, one octave, root 5 & 6

Audio Previews: Mp3 format


Together Alone

Groove Strike

Zac Pugh has taught guitar to people from ages 7-70. Some have just wanted to learn some basic chords and strum along to their favourite songs. Others have studied guitar with Zac to excel at college level music and performance subjects, while still others have focused on composition and song writing.

More recently, Zac has been guiding many of his students through the SCSM Contemporary Guitar Syllabus, which he created in conjunction with the Saint Cecilia School of Music. Basically, this is learning guitar through pieces which are graded from beginner through to advanced levels-many of these pieces are composed by Zac. This has been a great success, with students across Australia and New Zealand working through this material, some even participating in the SCSM Exams and achieving very high results.

The new SCSM Contemporary Guitar Books are progressive and exciting!

The SCSM books are filled with carefully graded pieces which are both fun and diverse.

Approved for the St Cecilia School of Examinations and great supplemental material for guitar teachers.

diverse musical styles

The SCSM Contemporary Guitar Books feature a variety of musical styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz and Folk.

includes audio CD

Each book includes a CD with both performance and backing tracks to make the learning and playing of these pieces exciting and fun.

everything in one place

Each book contains all the technical requirements and syllabus for its grade, meaning everything you need for your exam is inside.

St Cecilia School of Music Examinations

St. Cecilia Examinations was established in 1974.

It has been carefully designed by consulting with music teachers and performers to provide developing musicians of all ages with a course of study and assessment.

It not only examines their performance and technical skills, but also ensures an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

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