Step by Step - The Junior Technique Reinforcer


Step 4 in this course is essential to connecting to the Master series.


Product code: MPS-4001-04

Step 4 in the Step by Step course is essential to connecting Steps 1-3 of the series to the Master series where more serious pieces are included to prepare the student for entering the Grades with ease.

With the basic concept of technique and reading, it should be used alongside the Master series book 1.

As the student enters more difficult reading in increasingly spread out positions, this book reinforces the basic positions and articulation learned in the past.

Students feel a sense of achievement (at least with book 4 while they take longer to learn the Master book 1) when they can read a piece with ease while they are learning the new positions. This can often slow them down when mastering the more Classical pieces.

This book includes:

  • Substantial study (etude)
  • Sight reading reinforcement
  • Fun piece (which can be memorized as it will master the technique really well)
  • Bridge to the Classics.

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